«This is where we are»

Last weekend, 26-27 august, I've joined a silk screen printing workshop called «Process it» led by Ciara Phillips and Hedvig Thorkildsen at Trykkeriet in Bergen.

During the two days I've collaborated with Borghild Rudjord Unneland and we made «This is where we are» a book and banner.

Size: 28,5 cm x 55 cm (closed) • Technique: silk screen printing

1st prints (day one):

Process of making «this is where we are» (day two of the workshop):

Hammerfest, Norwegian Arctic

From late february to the end of June 2018 I've lived in Hammerfest. A small town of about 10.000 inhabitants in the Norwegian Arctic. The pictures bellow show a bit of my journey there, departing from Bergen, in the west coast of Norway. These images were part of the exhibition «Pamflett 2 years» from the 12th to 15th march 2018, printed in riso in four colors. The exhibition had prints by Fredrik RysjedalAnn-Kristin StølanRaquel Maia Marques and Ola Lysgaard, including other artists prints using Pamflett’s risograph.