UngMusikk (visual identity)


Design of the visual profil of UngMusikk, 2019.

UngMusikk (young music in english) is a collaboration between the Norwegian Academy of Music, Akershus county municipality and music education in municipalities in Akershus, Norway. The purpose is to strengthen the ties between the local music education in the municipalities and the national education in music. UngMusikk shall create the opportunity for all music students to come as far as they have the preconditions to and desires for their musical career. More on UngMusikk: ungmusikk.no

«Å lære et instrument er en langsomhet som vi trenger i dagens raske samfunn. Det likner årringer på et tre»
Prosjektansvarlig Elisabet Olhans i UngMusikk 

The main concept of the visual identity of UngMusikk is rhythm. Other ideas are repetition, pattern, togetherness, composition, sound of «u» and «m» as «um» or «u u u m m m u m m u m» etc... 


Logo symbol


Design elements

«Mønster I: Noter» (Pattern 1: Notes)


«Mønster II: Skala» (Pattern 2: Scale)


«Mønster III: Hop-Pitch» (Pattern 2: Hop-Pitch)


Mønster IV: Avvik-Akkord (Pattern 4: Deviation–Chord)


Design guide

Note: Designed while a designer at Miksmaster Creative (Oslo, Norway), 2019. In a team with Elise Kaspartu.