Identity design for Ultima Oslo Contemporary Music Festival, under the theme «rewrite» 


Series of seven posters, and one magazine with seven covers.
The idea for the identity of the festival passed by understanding Ultima in its phonetic form, and associate the sounds of ultima (ul+ti+ma) to graphic elements that stressed and may influence its reading. Rewriting ultima by its sound tonality. Reinterpreting it different: ul ti ma
The 7 variations of the poster show different ways of reading, interpreting Ultima. Ultima written as: ul ti ma, makes a connection with the lines highlighted in the poster and further explored in the magazine.

Student work.

Details: Format: 420 x 594 mm, Typography: GillSans, Design: Raquel Maia Marques, Technique: Digital Print, year: 2012.

Magazine format: 420 x 264 mm, pages: 12, paper: 70 gr yellowish non-bleeding, technique: B&W Laser Print, binding: folded, year: 2012.