Prosess21 (visual identity)

Prosess21 main logo

Prosess21 main logo

Design of visual identity of Prosess21 (Process21).

Process21 is a forum established to strengthen the connection between the communities in and around the process industry and the various public policy actors in Norway. The main task of Process21 is to provide strategic advice and recommendations on how Norway can best achieve development towards minimal emissions from the process industry in 2050 and at the same time facilitate that businesses in the process industry have sustainable growth during this period. For more on Prosess21:

The main concept for Prosess21 visual identity is «Bærekraft» (sustainability).

Other sub concepts are «Samarbeid og samskaping» (collaboration), «Grønn utvikling» (green development), «Sirkel (resirkulering og sirkulærøkonomi)» (Circle (recycling and circular economy), «Målrettet» (target), «Frisk, sunn, levende» (health, fresh and lively), «Frodig og modig» (brave), «Saklig og direkte» (fair and direct).


Alternative logo colors

Prosess 21 logo gul
Prosess21 logo lime
Prosess21 logo light green
Prosess21 logo dark green
Prosess 21 logo blå

Illustrations to expert groups


Design guide

Note: I’ve designed Prosess21 visual profil while a designer at Miksmaster Creative (Oslo, Norway), 2019. In a team with Barbro Barosen and Elise Kaspartu.